Ministers’ Message

Easter is late this year but hopefully that will mean the weather will be kind and everyone will be able to enjoy some spring sunshine over the weekend. I wonder whether I’m being rather optimistic with those word, as the weather so far in 2019 has been quite bizarre. Wearing t-shirts in February is just wrong! I’m actually convinced there will be snow at Easter as I head off to Yorkshire on Easter Monday for a walking holiday!
Uncertainty and surprise are key components of the Easter Weekend as in the Church Calendar the pendulum swings from the darkness of Good Friday when Jesus was crucified to the bright light of Easter morning when Jesus’ followers found the grave stone rolled away and encountered him in the garden and on the road to Emmaus – seemingly bizarre events all those years ago. Whatever your beliefs, there’s no doubt that those few days had an enormous impact on their lives and on the lives of thousands of others over the years.
The stories told by the early church convinced many, and yet left others totally cold; and so it is today. The story of Easter is really rather strange but it is there should you wish to explore it.
As for me, on Easter Monday I shall head North with a degree of uncertainty about the weather, and the routes we will be walking. I hope that I shall return having been surprised and delighted by the week.
I hope you all have a good Easter break.

‘After darkness, light; after winter, spring; after dying, life: Alleluia! Alleluia!’

Reverend Mary Playford