Minister’s Message

I recently visited a lovely garden which was open to the public as part of the National Gardens scheme. It was in the Ashbocking area, but don’t ask me what the property was called. I was driven there by a neighbour and I doubt very much if I could return again unaided!
This is quite unlike me as I usually like to know where places are on a map, and plan my route meticulously, but I must say I actually found it rather liberating.
The previous week I was taken to a ‘Mystery Destination’ for a birthday treat, so maybe this feeling of a sense of adventure is becoming a habit!

This is my penultimate ‘letter’ for this Newsletter as my appointment as United Reformed Church Minister at Christchurch finishes at the end of August, but although I am retiring I don’t have many concrete plans for the next few months.
I think it must be my age, as I find this prospect rather exciting! Apart from hoping I can spend more time with my granddaughters and more hours in the garden I haven’t yet produced a timetable for future projects.
What I don’t want to do is ‘nothing’ although I have been told by retired friends that I will soon wonder when I ever found time to work!

I read something the other day entitled ’Avoiding making decisions – the Golden Rules’
Some of these strike a chord for me and maybe they do for you.

• A trouble shared is a trouble halved
That’s OK as long as I choose to talk to the friends who I know will agree with me, and give me the advice I want to hear.

• I’ll write down all the pros and cons and then decide:
How come my reasons fit neither column and develop a ‘maybe’ list of their own

• Sitting on the fence allows me to see both sides
So true, and if danger approaches I can choose which side to jump down on…

• If I leave it long enough someone else will decide for me.
Then I can spend the rest of my life complaining about my lack of choice.

Enjoy the coming month!

Reverend Mary Playford