Ministers’ Message

I do hope we are enjoying a spell of good weather now, and have seen the back of the snow, ice and torrential rain for a few months. Although I really don’t like the cold and wet I have been for a few long walks through the mud and driving rain the over the past weeks. Providing you are wearing the right clothing there’s something quite invigorating and satisfying about completing 5 miles in challenging conditions!
After the challenges of Good Friday and the excitement surrounding Easter Day, the early church spent some time keeping their heads down and not venturing too far from Jerusalem. Until the Feast of Pentecost that is, when everything changed for them. The story of the disciples being visited by what seemed to be tongues of fire and feeling the effects of a rushing wind heralded their conviction that they should venture out of the safety of their lodgings and spread the Gospel message to anyone who would listen to them.
They became bold, inspired and fearless and thousands were convinced about the good news of Jesus. This event is sometimes called the birthday of the church and is celebrated in modern day churches on 20th May this year.
There’s no doubt that today’s church faces challenges, as it strives to appear relevant to society, but perhaps another event this month goes some way towards achieving this: Christian Aid Week runs from May 13th – 19th with the tag line: Together we’re stronger than the storms’, with a focus on those who suffered after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Perhaps in light of the bad weather we have endured, you may feel able to donate something to this charity during the week. Do look out for the Red Envelopes or come to any events that take place in the town.

Reverend Mary Playford