Ministers’ Message

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year? I do hope that 2019 has started well for you and as the Chinese New Year starts on 5th February, perhaps I’m ok!

As I write this on 2nd January I’m debating whether to keep my Christmas decorations up until 12th Night (6th January) or whether to take them down before then. I usually like to keep them up until the full 12 Days of Christmas are over because otherwise the Christmas ‘Season’ seems to be over and done with in a flash. All that anticipation from November onwards and then by 1st January the shops are starting to sell Easter Eggs!
We do seem to live in an age where we want everything yesterday and are not either prepared or able to enjoy a period of anticipation. Even the Church has only four weeks of Advent as opposed to the six of Lent which precedes the Easter Festival!

I know that this is a difficult time of year for some people, as we long for warmth and sunlight. We have to wait for winter to turn into spring and anticipate being able to walk the dog without a torch in the morning, being able to turn the central heating off, or being able to be out and about meeting friends and neighbours. In the meantime we wait, and whilst it may be enforced perhaps we can enjoy it for what it is – an opportunity to let our batteries charge, to make plans for the future, to catch up with friends and families via phone calls and letters (remember those!) even if the weather doesn’t entice us outdoors.

So, if the winter is dragging on for you why not pick up the phone and ring someone you’ve not spoken to for a while, or if you are able, pop round to a neighbour who isn’t able to get out particularly in wintery weather.

Christmas is a time when we celebrate – we talk of Love, Joy and Peace to all – don’t let those sentiments stop on 12th Night when the decorations come down!

Reverend Mary Playford